Allan Ward

Digital marketer and music geek

Digital Marketing and Financial Planning

I've been involved in the financial planning industry in Australia since 1995 and I'm currently part of a financial advice firm in Adelaide.

I also help small businesses learn how to use the internet to attract and retain new clients through my consulting firm, Contar Media.

In 2007 I started a financial planning business and learnt about blogging and digital marketing to help attract new clients.

Around the same time I started my first personal blog and over the past years have created more web sites in various niches such as music and pets. I use social media and email marketing to drive traffic to my sites.

I also have a number of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages across different subjects.

I have a number of friends and colleagues involved in small business who, like me, have an interest in digital marketing. Over the years I've helped them set up web sites, build online stores, set up Facebook pages and social media accounts and learn about SEO and email marketing.

I believe that the internet represents a tremendous opportunity for small business to compete against big business. There are such low barriers to entry that there's now no excuse for any small business to not have an internet presence.

Things like email marketing and social media aren't difficult to do, neither are they expensive. They're within the reach of any small business.

I love helping business owners develop marketing strategies that work. In my courses I take my practical experience and knowledge and put it all together into tailored courses that are aimed at small business owners and staff.

I cut out the fluff and focus on the things that are important. Importantly, everything I teach is easily actionable - you can start applying these principals straight away.


I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and love most types of music. I'm particularly interested in how music production and distribution is changing and the opportunities this provides musicians around the world.

You no longer need a record company to get your music to the masses.

And people and no longer buying physical albums. They're downloading music and streaming it.

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