Alistair Clarence

Author | Personality Hacker | Personal Coach

Hey there, I’m Alistair Clarence. The founder of an online personal development platform, Mental Reshape, I lead an ever-growing community where I help thousands of people just like you, reshape their mindset to unlock their full potential.  

But things weren't always this good, trust me. Just a few years ago, I used to suffer from crippling social anxiety that would have given me a heart attack before you found me speaking in front of people. But through years of research and personal development, I've reshaped my own mindset and now, I to refer to myself as a "Personality Hacker".

Because that's what I do. I help people hack their own personalities to breakthrough the psychological barriers we all have, to become the person we dream of being. Now, I'm on a mission to teach thousands of people all across the globe, the methods behind social confidence and personal development that have completely changed my life.

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