Alina Tataru

psychotherapist trainer educational and vocational counselor

Alina Tataru graduated the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences from the University of Bucharest and began her career in the first year of college, in preschool state system, through volunteering and internships, first as a teacher of personal development and later as a psychologist, educational counselor and vocational counselor. She worked in several individual offices where she was able to form a solid experience in relation to testing on several areas, and administration of individual psychology cabinets. During college and the studies for a Master`s Degree, she had the opportunity to practice in several high schools in Bucharest and in the Psychiatric Hospital named Alexandru Obregia and National College, Gheorghe Şincai.

Wanting to improve continuously, she trained in the Romanian Association of Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy, where she acquired many techniques and strategies regarding child and adult therapy.

Empathetic nature, flexible, intuitive, with good capacity for listening and observing, she has developed several educational programs, also various workshops for both children and parents, coming to meet their needs in a setting contemporary, modern, secure.

Through personal development, Alina Tataru helped children of all ages to develop beautifuly and harmonious, both intellectual and emotional, discovering their abilities, developing their creativity, intelligence, verbal and nonverbal language.

Alina Tataru believes that personal development is a forming and restructuring experience with a commitment to fostering creativity and spontaneity, psycho-emotional balance improvement, development and diversification of assertive communication, inner resources and increasement of the adaptabilities of the child.

Courses that Alina Tataru is enrolled in