Alin Sabo

Deep life thinker

Hi my name is Alin and i am a deep life thinker. 

Many people if asked what they believe to be the most important human trait will bring intelligence, communication, compassion, social skills and others as arguments. 

Although all those make great human qualities to have, what i have found to serve me the most is the ability to think on my own

This psychological and emotional sense of autonomy beats everything else because if you know how to think you will know all the above and more. I see this as being the first quality you have to posses the one thing that when done right sparks everything else. 

Life is the ocean and we merely have a raft at the mercy of the elements. Where everyone sails the same ocean looking at what others are doing, the same people who in fact do not own the very solutions they apply but they follow them blindly hoping they will work for them too(because they read them somewhere). The ability to think on your own is going to be the only correct working compass in your own life. Your problems are unique locks that will open only by your own keys(your solutions).  Everyone else uses a compass that is no longer accurate because it worked for somebody else, but that somebody else is not you. 

You see them lost but they do not know it, you see them suffering but they do not understand why, and when they get lucky and hit something right you apply the same techniques(because they work) but the same techniques are a mystery to them not fully understanding how and why they work. 

In a society that  takes pride in technological advancement we still do not understand some basic things like: dreams, ideas,life, love,purpose, god  and many others.

We started building robots and talking about artificial intelligence when we do not fully understand our own human nature.  Whatever life wants out of this that is exactly what is going to happen good or bad we fulfil life's purpose anyway. We are merely the tools of the universe, we work day in and day out to serve the higher purpose but we have no idea what that is.

I made my mission to help you grow.

Alin Sabo

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Thank you

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