Alicia Cuello

Communications expert, sales trainer & body language coach

About Me

20 years ago I had no idea other people didn't recognize and interpret body language the way I did. It was just something I picked up on naturally.

I was just another HR professional filing paperwork, interviewing candidates, and managing legal issues, but one day something clicked.

I realized that in all my interactions with employees and job candidates one powerful tool helped me master my communication with them — body language.

By recognizing the body language of others, I discern if a person is being honest with me or not. I can also tell if I need to ask a follow-up or if I have the whole story. With this ability, I quickly recognize how to react to a situation, which makes me one of the most powerful and influential person in every room.

Body language is a big part of our everyday communication, and so many of us don't recognize all of the opportunities we're missing when we don't know how to truly understand what others are saying.

My passion is helping others become influential so that they can reach their career and business goals. Whether you're a sales person influencing others to buy, or an executive with the desire to grow your professional influence, I can help you use your body language and the body language of others so you can reach your goals.

My Background

I am a national conference speaker, facilitator, and coach, specializing in non-verbal communication. I have spent over 20 years reading and interpreting body language.

I received my Master of Science in Human Resources from the University of Houston and I am also a certified graphologist (handwriting analysis).

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and relocated to Denver, Colorado in 2004, where I currently reside, surrounded by family, friends, and 3 furry companions.