Alhassan Mohammed

Mobile Web and Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Instructor

A graphic designer and self taught coder in the last 5 years. Where i come from being a designer wasn't really a thing but as a kid, drawing was a strong passion. As a freshman in college i began designing websites and mobile applications. After graduating with a degree in Accounting. i found myself not letting go off my dreams. so i picked off where i left off and became a full fledged designer.

After being a freelance web developer, web/Graphic designer for quite sometime, i really wanted to make an impact in the society.

So i started an initiative to teach young kids all about creative design in my community. i have since come a long way from then.

I am currently the CEO of knight inc which is a company, i created with the sole purpose of teaching upcoming youths about graphic design . My goal is to help students to achieve a creative mind and impact there positive thinking onto the world.

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