Mr. Alfredo Delgado

Professional Internet Marketer

For a little over 2 years now I been helping many new upcoming marketers and entrepreneurs establish themselves through Facebook using my proven strategies and techniques.

I have vast experience and knowledge in coaching and mentoring students into showing them how to set a blueprint and achieve their financial goals.

My specialty is Facebook marketing and personal branding through other social media sites and also video marketing.

Today I provide specialty training in the work from home industry by creating small training courses and offering them through membership sites. In the past year alone I created 2 products on Facebook marketing and assisted other marketers create their own products and services.

Currently I'm the #1 rep in just 1 of the many companies I represent online.

I truly enjoy teaching and helping others make their visions become realities.

I look forward to working with you and helping you learn some of the many strategies when it comes to marketing your business online.

My goal here at Udemy is to further extend my knowledge by offering my value and expertise by providing courses on here as well.