Alex Paterson

Full-stack web/mobile developer

I started out building web and mobile apps for me and my friends. I was quickly swept away by the creative freedom application development provides, and the satisfaction that comes with creating an experience for thousands if not millions of people.

My first live website was just an HTML and a CSS document FTP’d to some Bluehost servers. I then discovered Ruby on Rails and it took over my life as I realized how easy it was to create web applications. I built my first software-as-a-service product (Clearsite Content Filtering) in Python with less than six months of coding experience.

To deploy a multifaceted project like Clearsite Content Filtering, I had to move away hosting with platform-as-a-service providers like Heroku, and set up my own virtual private servers with Amazon Web Services. This process showed me the pleasure of full-stack development.

Originally using backend-as-a-service platforms like Parse and Firebase to power my mobile apps, it quickly became clear that building my own backends was not just more flexible, but in some ways, easier.

I now develop almost exclusively in Javascript; developing web application frontends with React/Redux is a joy, and being able to use Javascript and JSON throughout the rest of the stack (express.js server, MongoDB database) is supremely convenient.

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