The year was 2008, I was one of many who were being warned of the changing landscape of the financial world and how it would impact my future. During this time I knew little about the financial industry. I started reading around the topic before I came across Forex.

Intrigued, I began reading all the beginner material online before eventually becoming hooked! Since that time I have not looked back and have now gained huge percentage returns on my account.

Whilst learning Forex I was a student of Ancient History. As a student with an average part time job I have been unable to achieve the millionaire status that my Professional Forex strategy is more than capable of delivering. This has been frustrating as a larger amount of starting capital would have already taken me to millionaire status.

I have developed a beginners course that uses some of the core concepts of my Professional Forex strategy. My Beginners Forex strategy will help you to become familiar with the style of trading I use with my Professional Forex strategy. Building you into a profitable trader takes time and effort. Here I have provided a perfect framework for you to achieve this goal.

Everyone who completes my Beginners Forex strategy will have the chance to join my free beginners Forex strategy Facebook group. Here you will be able to receive feedback for any trade ideas you have. This group will provide you with the feedback you need to succeed in Forex.

If I could have found a teacher like myself at the beginning of my career in Forex I would have saved a lot of time and money. By taking advantage of what I have to offer you will be saving yourself these precious resources.

I have large ambitions in Forex and I am looking for traders who put in the effort and can see the value in my teachings. If you are not this type of trader I would recommend you join a get rich quick scheme as you are not what I am looking for.

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