Dr. Alexey Mamatov

neurologist, osteopath, healer

My name is Aleksey Mamatov.

I was born in siberian province in Barnaul. In my family all have been doctors four generations.

I travelled a lot with my parents who were in the military, all over the country and also abroad.

From my mother’s family lineage healing was practiced through many generations: my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother.

They had knowledge about herbs, minerals, living creatures, and about verbal healing. They treated people and animals.

A lot of strange things happened with my relatives, let’s say shaman illness: some of them had dextrocardia which is an inversion of organs on other side.

All of them have seen Snow Man in Altai, he appeared very close to our house.

Once a fire-ball came in our house and moved around and was very close to my mother. My mother whispered something and fire-ball left.

I was working very hard with my soul, body and health because of my roots of healing power, that always made me pursue towards education of my spirit.

It was my problem with bronchial asthma, allergy, eczema, dermatitis, quinsy and others, which I don’t want to mention.

And on many occasions I was very near to death. Let’s say I saw a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Because I had a angioedema and I was saved by emergency.

After all of that I decided this was enough and start applies physical methods of treatment, along with shaman’s methods.

I started with running, breath-holding system, starvation, work with healing points and others.

And when I look at the past, than I realize I couldn’t climb 3 steps without catching my breath and resting in between the staircase and panting heavily. When I was in standard 10 at school I ran the marathon with ease.

Later I got admission to the medical institute in Altai and afterwards was transferred to the medical Academy in Moscow.

I received a diploma as an internist and a neurologist doctor. Did my internship in

internship and traineeship as a neurologist.

I have 3 years of experience as a neurologist, including urgent neurology and somnology - the science about dream, snoring and apnea , headache and back pain.

In addition, urgent neurology – it means dealing with the occurrence of heart attack and stroke.

I was working as head of the department of manual therapy.

Completed a couple of osteopathic courses.

So far, I have treated many patients, suffering from back pain, joints, inner organs, and bones – all of them.

I also received a degree as a pediatrician doctor as a specialist of foot problem.

Ever since I was a schoolboy in senior class, I very much loved to go on walking tour on nature to use my knowledge about paramedicine.

To feel positive about yourself in terms of helping friends: that if you twisted your ankle, if you are stung by a wasp and anaphylactic shock started, if you are bitten by snake and not clear whether it is venomous snake or not. How to treat a person with high temperature and quinsy without antibiotics and etc. You can check that knowledge in that conditions far from civilizations, let’s say as in extreme situations.

Since second part of the year 2000, I started teaching people how to manage without my assistance with their spine, how to put vertebrae at a place, reduce a hump, increase a high, to cure a scoliosis and torsion of pelvis, straightening the bones, cure the flat foot. By the way, flat foot – one of the incurable, according official medicine, illness and witch people manage to cure with my help, or I do it myself.

I think that human being able to live till deep old age, and deep old age, as I think, it is not Ninety or One hundred twenty years old, but much more.

I think, that people can remain cheerful till the last moment of life, and contribute better then now in our society. They can be slim and athletic, able to climb the Chomolongma, scale any mountain, jump from parachute, enjoy the elixir of life and love.I think that a human being was created by God as his own being, good as himself, free from any illness, and so can we are the same. In that case we can truly enjoy life and bring the light out and open the real Mystery of life.For that I am sharing with you all my findings which I check on myself, let’s say check on my "skin".How to be healthy, how to fight allergy, how to fight bronchial asthma, clear your skin, get rid of grey hear, increase your height and etc.

For all of that I am working with you.My opinion is- there is no incurable illness, there are only incurable people, who allow the illness to subsume them. There are hundreds of examples of people who were ill with hepatitis and AID infection and oncology and benefitted with the help of healers and their own self. But our doctors only raise their hands and say "it was mistake, it was medical mistake".

And at the same time, I know many negative cases when people get wrong information and they still have time to start to do something with them and they have the power to do it. But they go deep down in depression, quit everything.

Yet it was the depression that killed them but was never able to cure their illness.I’d like people to live a long life, enjoy it, make relatives and neighbours happy and that is why I am here for you. I am giving my hands to you.

As Eastern sage said: "There is three of us: you - patient, I - healer and your illness. If two of us join hands - we win the battle, because the illness will be left alone”.I will be very happy to see you in my class.