Alexandru Costiug

Internet Marketer

My name is Alexandru Costiug and I was born in 1994 on october 12 . At the moment I am a student at Statistics and Economic Forecasting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania but I am also interested in Web Development and Visual Effects and I started learning them. My passion for earning money online started at an early age generating money from online games, selling all sorts of stuff like electronics online and offline and later on got into Internet Marketing at the age of 17 . Since then I started finding, improving, creating online money making methods and it became my main occupation. Some of the methods I used were paid traffic (today I am still using some of the best traffic sources on the Internet) , I have used Craigslist as well for targeted traffic and ofcourse some of the most popular social networks. I have done Affiliate Marketing, Niche Websites and many other but Selling Business Ideas is my passion and the main source of income. I really want to help other and I do my best to achieve my goals .

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