Alexander Dalla-Riva

Student at the University of Melbourne (The)

Alex Dalla-Riva, was born in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a student at the University of Melbourne (The), undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree - majoring in Indonesian, majoring in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, whilst completing a diploma in Chinese. He is studying, within the degree, subjects including Linguistics, Chinese and Indonesian. He has a significant understanding towards languages and has a key understanding to the fundamental linguistics behind these individual languages. Alex has been studying German for 7 years now, Chinese for 6 years and started learning Indonesian at the beginning of this year, and since then has grasped the understandings of the Indonesian language. Thus, Alex has exceptional insight in terms of linguistics - most notably German, Chinese and Indonesian. 

Alex has competed in various competitions to advance his languages further. He participated in the 2016 15th Chinese Bridge Speaking Competition and placed top 5. He has also attained an 84 WMA (Weighted Average Mark) thus far at the University of Melbourne.

"With a little hard work, persistence, desire and motivation to succeed, anything is possible."