Alex Vidzup

Dating Coach

Hi guys
My name is Alex and I'm a dating coach.

You're probably wondering how did I get here, well here's a short version. 

Here's me, shy, no friends to go out with, dreaming about having party lifestyle but no means to get there. At times I would sit in a train and see a cute girl that would even make short eye contact with me and my mind would go "does she like me, shall I come up to her, what do I say, I don't want to look stupid, etc." Situations like that would happen daily. 

Even worse would be when I would be out in a bar or a club, seeing all these people have fun, dance around and mingle when I wasn't even able to come up to a girl and say hi, not mentioning taking her number or even taking her home! (dare I dream about that).

At one point all this pain of not being able to do the things I want was so much that I have decided that it is time to change. I have heard about guys improving their confidence and dating skills at some point in my life but didn't believe it to be real. But I could not handle being shy and awkward with women any more so I thought that there must be a way and if there's none then I will find one. So I started learning about dating skills and confidence, where it comes from, and how to improve it. 

After some time I got to the point where I was having 2-3 dates with beautiful women a week and regular sex with them. I had short term monogamous relationships, casual relationships and numerous amount of one night stands. 

Over last year I had over a 100 students who I shared same techniques and principles with, demonstrated and guided them in exercises that improved on their confidence and dating skills so now they can meet women on the streets, in the bars or clubs, get their numbers, go on dates and take them home.

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