Alex Haapamäki

Real life happiness researcher/experimenter

In High School Alex had a personal breakthrough when thinking about the meaning of life (more about that later) which set him off on a slightly different path in his early adult life than most people. Understanding happiness better was a higher priority goal than following the traditional route. However, the deeper his understanding of happiness became and the happier he got himself, he started to notice something else happening in his life as a side effect - all those other things like finances, freedom, relationships, health and other things one may want in life also started to work out just as a side effect from taking a deep dive into happiness.

He has nowadays started to believe that there may be a much better strategy to life than the traditional "work hard and reap benefits later" vs "have fun now but suffer later" dilemma, one where we could literally maximize our happiness and well being all the way through and at the same time build great lives for ourselves.

All of this which could be called "big picture lifestyle hacking", with tons of concepts both from his own experimentations and some of the most cutting edge psychology and neuroscience-research (including a very simple possible explanation of the meaning of life) can be found in his project Start With Happiness.

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