Alex and his girlfriend Madison have been challenging the norms and rules about what makes people happy for 8 years now, and have through experimentation and research come to some big insights, shared in their project The Alive Guide.

Enjoy the first course in the project called "How to make your boring job fun", a compilation of real life experience from various boring jobs (we had to finance 8 years of travel, exploration, studies and recreational activity somehow, and never really had time to go to university and get a proper job) and backed up by the latest scientific discoveries about the human mind. Jobs are a huge part of peoples lives and by increasing life quality on this huge chunk of our lives, overall life satisfaction should rise considerably. We ended up with so many insights that unfortunately most people walk around completely unaware of that in the end we could not stand not creating this course and share it with the world. Enjoy the course and let us know how it goes!

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