Aleksey Tsyukalo

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I am an inspired and motivated teacher in basic life essential skills. One of my passions that I have always had was to teach and inspire people to do better and learn something new every day. I believe that Udemy gave me that chance

The skills that I teach vary from beginner levels to advance levels. I hope you enjoy my lessons and as always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.


                  5+ years in Microsoft Office products

                  7+ years in Computer Science and general programming

                  7+ years in Computer hardware and software problem solving.


At this time I dedicated my time to E-learning. I believe that a person can learn a great deal through online studying and learning. It is also my belief that a person should have a say in when they want to learn and how. Learning should be a fun and excited experience, not a boring monotone lecture. I am here to provide a fun learning experience to the best of my abilities.


                  - Creating online training videos on different subjects

                  - Learning something new from other instructors everyday

                  - Teaching myself new skills

                  - Biking

                  - Swimming

                  - Volleyball

                  - Skiing

Thank you.

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