aleko pelo

IT Administrator, Enterpreuner, Teacher, Manager

Hi. My name is Aleksander Dhiamandi

I have been working as an IT for over 2 years now. It's something that I very much enjoy. In a world where we are increasingly hiding the complexities away from users (smart phones and fromets in particular), it is always satisfying to give that power back to people and allow them to do much more with their technology. But teaching is another thing I like to do. I also develop and manage websites, and manage computer systems for a few different companies. I am a businessman too. I feel that all my work is complementary and benefits from what I learn from and in the others. Combined, they give me a fairly good understanding of how everything works. It's good to walk and work with passion. This website is both for you, and for me. For you, it is a digital form of what I have been teaching my students over the years. For me, it is an opportunity to clarify and polish what I teach and how I deliver it. To these ends, if you have any feedback at all, be it to tell me you found a particular section confusing, or to let me know it was helpful, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

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