The road here hasn't been easy.

I spent the beginning of my life as an immigrant into Canada feeling like an outsider, and as a grown up trying to prove myself to others so I could receive validation that I was good enough.

The tough part was becoming aware that this was my reality, that I was just walking around with a basic action reaction flow based on what I'd learn through my past.


Through serendipitous moments I became aware of this reality and became engrossed in finding the people and tools to learn and break the blocks.

I find it fascinating that our past and our environments shape the way we feel and think. in fact, my favourite conversations are related to how our brain is like a software that helps you feel like a superstar or a failure and it has been programmed in either direction and that program can be switched.

Thats amazing.

Finding the tools to switch that mentality has been and exciting ride and helping hundreds do the same has also been very rewarding.


I'm not a pick up artist nor trying to teach anyone to become one. the bottom line when you work with me is to help you gain clarity on what you're looking for, learn whats holding you back from achieving it and build the confidence to take action in the direction of your goals. 

At the end of the day we all have the same "powers" its just our thinking that gets in the way and thats where I come in, to help reshape that thinking.


I have taken, and continue to take, the steps required to create a relationship and life that I feel excited to wake up to every morning. My goal is to help as many people as possible find the same joy and fulfillment in their own lives


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