Alden Tiu

Founder & Teacher at Nedteaches

Ní hǎo. I am Ned, a Chinese and a real life Mandarin teacher.

I will guide you to learn the language that I grew up loving, Mandarin!

It took me years of professional teaching to put together a fun, experiential and structured courses in teaching this Chinese language. You, my student, are in for a great treat and it will fulfill my goal to help you understand and speak the tongue!

A little about myself -- my parents are Chinese; coming from a family of Chinese has given me first-hand experience of its traditions and practices.

I grew up in Taiwan with my dad as he had to work there (retired 26 years later :) I naturally developed Mandarin as my first language. Over 10 years did I not only experience the culture... I lived it!

So everything that I see growing up is Chinese: people, places, food, conversations up to games. Later, I decided to teach school kids Mandarin and from there, I came with the idea of teaching Mandarin by providing online instructional videos.

Experience Madarin with me starting on words then moving to definitions. We will then slowly build basic sentences and questions as we progress with your learning.

Don't worry, I have very well prepared the handouts for your guide!


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