Albert Tee

Internet Marketer Trainer At 3A Academy

About Traffic Master Albert

I stumble upon internet marketing in 2012 during one of the talk in Singapore. Seriously at that time I have ZERO knowledge in internet marketing & the best part is I'm a 100% no I.T. background & my friends use to call me a computer idiot!!! Sound hard to believe? Well you have to believe it because every single successful story started with a believe!!! So I start to invest a lot of money & time into internet marketing & had struggling for almost 1 years plus to earn my 1st one dollar in the internet. By then my internet business start to gain me good result & I would like to say those effort & time invested never waste simply because I choose to believe in it & do it. Trust me, once you get into internet marketing will love it!!!

Before My Internet Business Journey

Well before my internet marketing journey begins, I was dealing with some office suppliers sales & at the same time started my small-business journey by applying The Rich Dad Poor Dad philosophy - "Leverage On Other People". In 2009, I was lucky enough to came across Rich Dad Poor Dad coaching program via phone call & I remember what Robert Kyosaki had share with me is starting a business need no much capital at all simply because we can leverage on "O.P" Method. (Other People) So I started my 1st business venture without a single cents by using the O.P method that I had learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad & guess what it work very well for my business journey. The biggest reason why I love business is because I feel the power & taste of the word call:" Leverage" & when I came across internet marketing in 2012....the 1st thing in my mind is:" Wah!!! What will happen if I was able to switch my leverage skills onto the internet!!!" The only imagination result is "BOOM" & seriously it really show me the result of "BOOM". Cheers.