Albert Nerenberg

Filmmaker, Journalist, Laughologist, Hypnotist

Albert Nerenberg is an award-winning filmmaker, Journalist and Hypnotist. He directed the first documentaries ever on Stupidity, Laughter (Laughology 2007) and Boredom (Boredom 2011) respectively. He created Trailervision, a concept movie site which CNN called "an international cult phenomenon." He is also one of the world's top experts on laughter, speaking around the world on the subject. He developed a laughter exercise technique called Laughercize which is used in drug rehabs and for laughter clubs. He also invented the format for international laughing championships. As a hypnotist he has done public demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena at IdeaCity and at International Film Festivals. Nerenberg's speciality is taking complicated topics and making them effortlessly simple. In 2011, Greatest named him to the list of 100 Most Influential People in Fitness and Happiness. He's the recipient of France's RIre D'Or award for Laughter and has a private practice as a hypnotist. He recently completed a TV special called Instant Shift for Vision TV where he investigates new healing modalities.

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