Alan Barsky

Weight Loss Professional, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello. My name is Alan Barsky.

Have you had lap-band surgery, or spent years trying to lose weight every way possible? 

Perhaps I can help you.

I have spent much of my life helping people achieve their goals. Over the last 17 years, my clinical hypnotherapy practice has allowed me to gain insight into the personal workings of the human mind.

The Human Mind! How curious it can be! Logic, often thrown out the window, to experience the ups and downs ruled by emotion. Seemingly well intentioned people, presumedly focusing on a simple goal, such as eating less food over the next few months, start with enthusiasm, but fail to follow through. In my hypnotherapy practice, only the follow through counts. My mission is to help you achieve your mission. If you want to lose weight, till you have a healthy, fit body, and then maintain that weight, I stay with you to make sure the job is done. If you find yourself saying "I shouldn't eat that", and then you do eat it, or if you find yourself saying "I should eat that", and then you don;t, perhaps there is a way to incorporate a method into your automatic so you follow through.

How do I know what to do?

In my previous career in marketing, I just happened to have worked with about weight loss clients. Clients such as Weight Watchers (regional), Diet Centres of Canada, and more. When you are in marketing, you meet with the owners of the companies.From these private business meetings, I gathered the inside knowledge, the secrets these leaders already knew, and dispensed within their own programs. I gathered the nuggets from each, and incorporated it into my private practice, which is 50% weight loss clients.

I have some solid credentials in the work I do. I have coauthored books, ebooks and recordings with Quantum Focusing Media, as well as HOPE COACHing. These books are endorsed by dozens of medical doctors and other major medical professionals.

Alan Barsky, MH, Cht

Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Master Hypnotist is an experienced Educator and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the San Francisco area. His training includes Hypnotherapy Training Institute; Certified Master Hypnotist, trained by Churchill, Mulder, & Ormond McGill. International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association; Certified Hypnotherapist & Adjunct Teaching Member. New Life Clinics; non-profit, lose-weight, quit-smoking group seminars, trained by Errol Strider. American Institute of Hypnotherapy; trained by Dr. Al Krasner. International Hypnosis Federation; elective credits trace-induction, weight-loss by hypnosis.

Alan holds a certificate from The National Guild Of Hypnotists, where he is also an Adjunct Teaching member. Alan is honored to have been personally trained by Michael Ellner and Dr. Gerald S. Cohen in hypnotic healing modalities. NLP; trained by Don McMillan, Dr. Fred Haddock, Steve Lankton and other NeuroLinguistic Programming trainers. He has also studied natural healing, earning certification in REIKE; Second Degree. Usui Shiko Ryoho, Japanese system. Alan earned a degree in Education from Michigan State University’s Oakland University.

Alan Barsky enjoys a thriving hypnotherapy practice in the San Francisco area. His experience includes a twenty-year career in communications and advertising spanning a myriad of experiences. Alan is the former Executive Director of the National Consumer Education Bureau; national health-care education marketing. Partner in Lord & Bentley Agency. Alan founded Information Services, Inc., a national education and information service that grew to 5 cities and 45 employees. He has served on the board of directors of charities and organizations.

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