Alan Sheaffer


Born and raised in a small town i have always been afraid of truly 1 thing when i was growing up. That was getting stuck at a 9-5 Job behind a desk only ever looking forward to my weekends, dreading the next day i had to come in. When i was 12 I became a freelance graphic designer to help get some extra money when i was going through school. After High school and College Graduation i found myself working at different Graphic design print shops 9-5, even though it was what i loved doing i still didn't have any freedom, it began to eat me alive. On my 22nd Birthday i had enough and began working for myself in my spare time to try to start making money online from home. Well after 2 and a half years of study, trial, and error; as well as 6 years working from home i want to begin sharing what i have learned. I have had a long hard road making money online but now that I'm in a much better place i want to begin giving back to the community and make it easier for others to work from home. I want to show everyone little loop holes that make consistent money fast.

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