Alanna Kaivalya

Founder, The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Alanna Kaivalya, the founder of The Kaivalya Yoga Method, is an artistic, and inspiring teacher of yoga. Listed as Yoga Journals top 21 Yoga Teachers Under 40 (March, 2008), Alanna teaches all over the globe and is known for her spot on adjustments, live music and deep philosophical teachings. In addition to making her classes available through live podcasts and videos, she has produced her own album (Shine), writes regularly for Huffington Post, and wrote the book Myths of the Asanas (Mandala Press) which is becoming a go to for yoga teachers and students alike. If you enjoy the deep practice of yoga and direct experience with the heart, Alanna's teachings will uplift your spirit. For more information about Alanna, visit her site,, fan her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and YouTube.