Alan Strudwick

Author, Strategist, Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant

Alan Strudwick

Alan's life has always been dedicated to helping people improve their lives. He has had a broad and successful background in personal, professional, non-profit and corporate development spanning over 35 years. At age 22 he joined an American Personal Development organisation and by the age of 26 was the company’s National Training Facilitator, conducting trainings and consulting throughout Australia, the USA and Asia.

Alan is a gifted Trainer and Strategist who brings a unique and powerful influence not only to the corporate world and non profit organisations but also to individuals.

Alan is the Founder of ‘Quantum Strategies Inc’ a Consulting firm to the Business World. Alan carries a unique skill set and experience bringing influence to the corporate world and non profit organisations. Quantum Strategies have worked with a variety of corporate clients and non profit organizations. Such as:- Sony, Time Life, Qantas, Toshiba, Pizza Hut, PGA and Lever Rexona.

Alan’s strong leadership skills empower Business owners, Executives, Management, and staff. His passion is to lead individuals and businesses towards the realization of their full potential and identified Purpose.

Alan’s Business Journey

At the age of 16, Alan managed a small enterprise for his father which ignited his passion for Business. From that day until today and spanning 40 years, Alan continues to bring impact and influence into the Corporate World.

Alan’s heart and life have been positioned to see the business world transformed and influenced by well equipped, empowered and activated people who know how to successfully, powerfully and ‘practically’ bring sound business principles principles into their workplace environment.

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