Alain Jean-Baptiste

Medium - NLP Trainer

A neuro-linguistic expert and trailblazer psychic medium, Alain Jean-Baptiste is a highly sought-after public speaker, success coach, healer, séance guide and leadership trainer. With his distinctive academic background and psychic abilities, Alain provides a uniquely powerful approach to success and leadership training. He immediately knows your biggest challenges and can foresee your strengths intuitively, giving you the guidance you need to awaken your own intuitive senses and empowering you to consciously create success.

During his 25 years of scholarship and practice in neurology and linguistics, Alain uncovered the seven lost intuitive senses that unleash the full power of the mind. In his tell-all book, The 7 Lost Senses Alain reveals his journey of mystical discovery.

Alain provides multi-tiered levels of training with online access and one-on-one coaching in English and French as well as custom workshops and specialty events.