Jae London

Jae London began writing songs when he was 13 years old.  By the age of 16, he became a multi instrumentalist who played in several bands where he started to really develop his songwriting skills.  Along with his songwriting and producing partner (Darryl Ray) they worked alongside, writing, co-writing and producing for numerous signed and unsigned acts throughout the States.  

This experience landed Jae steady work at a major record label as an assistant engineer.  A fantastic opportunity was later offered him (late 90’s) to become the sound engineer for the Hip Hop segment of the Philadelphia Music Conference (PMC) for 3 years running.  Soon after, Jae went on and founded “The PhillyMusic Express Song Contest”.  Jae relocated to the U.K. and started a program where he taught young people about the art and craft of songwriting and stage performance techniques.  Currently Jae is in the studio working on an album project – stay tuned.   

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