Asian Institute for Human Rights - AIHR

Facilitating action and reflection for continuous learning

Asian Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) strives to strengthen the theory and practice of human rights activism, facilitate systematic linkages between academics and activists, and contribute to a continuous process of action and reflection. It seeks to bridge the gap in facilitating learning based on a multi-disciplinary approach to human rights theory and practice.

The objectives of AIHR are:

·       Respond to challenges arising from changing economic, social, and political contexts

·       Facilitate systematic interaction between activists and academics

·       Respond to demands by wide ranging actors for human rights training and education

·       Facilitate learning of human rights concepts and skills by human rights practitioners

The program areas include: Creating resource materials, strengthening social justice lawyering, strengthening skills for human rights monitoring, facilitating human rights education in collaboration with universities, and providing space to activists to learn from different country contexts.

Some of the publications of AIHR include:

- Checklists on the core international human rights treaties – ICCPR, ICESCR, CEDAW, CRC, CED, CAT, and CRPD to facilitate review of whether domestic laws in a country are in compliance with the international human rights obligations, 2015

- ‘Law in the Struggle for Dignity and Justice’, 2015

- ‘Understanding the Meaning and Practices of Human Rights Education’, 2015 – a joint publication of Asian Institute for Human Rights and Center for Human Rights Studies

- Handbook on ICCPR, 2013

- ‘Understanding Our Rights: Human Rights’, 2012 – publication in Thai and English

- ‘Clarifying the Links Between Human Rights, Social Justice, Rule of Law: Monograph and Cartoon Book’, 2011

- ‘Challenges in Human Rights Practice, A Dialogue’, February 2010

- ‘Handbook on Monitoring Human Rights Violations’, 2009 – publication in Thai and English

- ‘Handbook on Monitoring Courts and Trials’, 2009 – publication in Thai and English

- ‘Reclaiming Rights in Forests Struggles of Indigenous People in Thailand’, 2008

- Handbook on the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), 2008 – publication in Thai and English

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