Ahmed Alyahiawi

Photographer and Retoucher

A passionate Photographer and Retoucher

Working as a Director of Primary Health Care Center

A Photography / Photoshop local Instructor and an Interior design Photographer.

- I worked with Ministry of Health in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a filmmaker for the past two years.

- was Chosen as one of the top ten candidates among over 850 photographers across the country and ranked sixth.

I started taking photos 5 years ago and since then I became into it pretty much all the time trying to beat my self in pursing perfection. And What I really learned from it is that we may not take the perfect shot every time, but we sure can create perfection out of imperfect work using the magical technologies & techniques  ( Lightroom / Photoshop ) all the time.

My way of creating art that is worth hanging up on a wall is 90% depending on post-production, and I go most of the time by the saying ( Why try hard to make it while you can easily Fake it ). I'm not saying that I encourage not to shoot it right, but my techniques can save the day if you messed up.

My Philosophy is ( Our job as artists is to create ART, dosen't matter how; as long as it please eyes & souls ).