Ahmad Khalil

photographer, photoshop designer

Ahmad Khalil, I've been using Photoshop for over 12 years.

I worked in software industry as a web designer and web developer.

I work now as a Photoshop instructor in Amman Institute for Design.

Known for sharing the dangerous design secrets of Photoshop and 3D programs as well such as Maya, ZBrush and 3Ds Max.

I used to be an instructor sense year 1 in college.

I joined many Photoshop challenges in my country and i won the best creative design award and in www.tutsplus.com.

I have made 12 videos courses about photoshop and ZBrush and the

most successful course was the "Photoshop Killer designer" series:

1-Photoshop killer designer - Volume 1 (photo manipulation)

2-Photoshop killer designer - Volume 2 (The Devil Studio)

3-Photoshop killer designer - volume 3 ( drawing comics)

4-Photoshop killer designer - volume 4 (super illustrator).

and much more of my courses you can discover on my website

or my Facebook page :)

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