Agnes Belme

Naturopath, Kinesiologyst, Economist

My name is Agnes Belme. I am a dreamer, naturopath, traveller, researcher, and an economist as well. I love discovering different fields of life!  I worked 12 years in a multinational environment. My career involved lots of responsibility, so I know how you feel when you are overwhelmed. I started my other path more than 10 years ago. I always had the feeling that there is more in our world. I grew up in a small village in Hungary, so new age information and psychology was not available for a long time for me for a long time. I began self-discovery, and a path to find joy, happiness and balanced life by myself. I slowly started to follow my inner voice. Throughout the years, I learnt and experienced different types of courses and methods. I am a certified Kinesiologist, a proficient mind controller, learned Hawaiin methods and stress management.  I attended a naturopath and kinesiology cours for 2,5 years.

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