SEM / PPC Expert Biz Awareness

Digital Marketer/ Entrepreneur

11 Years Experience in Online Marketing including both SEO and PPC

Dealt with individual clients as well as marketing agencies with a strong

emphasis on the PPC aspect of the operation.

My previous experience were these industries

and businesses

laptop campaigns, cell phones,

pizza campaigns, real estate, lawyers

loans and financing companies

funeral parlors, fashion and retailing

* Professional account set up and organization

* Conversion tracking consultation

* Fierce focus on conversions

* Strategic budget recommendations

* Keyword research & management

* Bid management

* A/B testing

* Ongoing strategy development

* Quality score management and reporting

* Mobile and Tablet ad optimizations

* Funneling and goals set up and monitoring

* Google Analytics

* Weekly summaries

* Monthly reports

I’ve been a PPC Specialist for the last 5 years . After working for individuals and agencies , I realized I could help more small business owners and people by teaching to do it themselves. It is also very good for startups or small business owners to have knowledge of PPC marketing because they will have the added advantage of being able to make the constant small changes in their campaigns by themselves. Even for business owners that have no time for PPC, it is still a valuable skill to acquire in order to utilize this marketing method completely. For those individuals that are trying to learn PPC in order to get a job or create their own marketing agency, it would be invaluable as I will be showing things from beginner level to the advanced level and make money either for yourself or for your clients.

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