Adam Wojnar

Director at City Life Manchester Ltd -

Hello, my name is Adam Wojnar. I was born on 4th December 1981 in small town of Havirov, the Czech Republic (Central Europe).

I moved to the UK because I always wanted to work and live temporarily in English speaking country. It happens to be 8 years now :-). After I finished my studies in 2004, I moved to Manchester, where I lived almost all the time.

During those years I worked for many companies and did variety of jobs. I have an experience in working as bartender, waiter, cleaner and personal advisor for two major banks in the UK. I gained a lot of experience that is why I founded City Life Manchester Ltd., where we help people to find an accommodation in Manchester.

Why accommodation?

It is because I like travelling and couldn’t find suitable accommodation near city centres where I could cook a meal and use free wi-fi Internet as well as wash my clothes and all reasonably prised :-).

Now you can visit one of our houses and rent a room, explore Manchester and its amazing shopping malls, nightlife, football games and many many more.


I like travelling, skiing especially in the Alps, reading anything I can lay my hands on regarding mental health and spirit as well as economy and personal finances.

I like to listen to the music. Among my favorite interprets are Jon Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Eminem or Armand Van Buuren (I know it is not a killer combination).