Edwin Rodriguez

Project Manager

About Edwin Rodriguez:

 My name is Edwin Rodriguez and I am truly honored to hear that you are interested about both myself, and Sector- Wide Health. I have been working with practitioners for almost 2 years now, assisting them with the Meaningful Use Incentive Program. I truly enjoy assisting providers both young and old, in both modernizing their practice, and getting a head start in the future of health care. I created this course because I saw that providers around the country, wanted to get their practice to the next level, but were unsure which direction they needed to go to. The answer for both myself, and my colleagues was simple; technology. Technology is the future in all of the industries, and I am thankful that I am able to lend my expertise and experience with dealing with EHR software to providers who both need it, and want it.    

About Sector-Wide Health:

Sector-Wide Health professionals are the experts to help your small practice realize optimal revenue potential.

Using proven strategies, we’re here to help primary care providers in the community stay strong and viable to continue serving the inner communities of our nation. Utilizing government grants, process, enhancements, billing and management options, we work with you to define the road map.

Sector-Wide Health professionals are the experts able to transition your organization into the modern era. By coordinating with team leaders, we pinpoint, and highlight inefficiencies in the organization. We then research and evaluate a suitable software able to mitigate the issue. This allows your organization to become streamline and help it achieve optimal revenue potential. Our services include but do not limit:

We specialize in corporation wide technological implementation, with a small boutique style attention to detail.

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