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Coaching Creativity

Great ideas often appear as a flash of brilliance, even though these ideas are often the result of a slow process of development as the idea gently brewed into existence. The ‘WOW’ moments are the poeticised part of creativity, yet there is also much to be attributed to the process that leads to it. Acuity are focussed on bringing heightened creativity to our clients as well as greater effectiveness in this left-brained world.

Meet The Trainers

Johan Nayar MSc. Speaker/Trainer/Author/Adventurer

Author of The Creativity Manual. The experiences in his life have shaped his perceptions of the world and triggered a curiosity in the concepts of creativity and its impact. His own transformative journey has led to the development of his book and to co founding of Acuity NLP.

Likes: Colombia, Texas Hold’ um, crystal clear seas, rocking out

Dislikes: Hot rooms, cauliflower, The News

Tristan Henri - Speaker/Trainer/Coach

During his own personal journey of discovery, Tristan came across the field of NLP. With its many tools and techniques the benefits of NLP were so powerful he decided to take the learnings that were accumulated and find a way to share them with others. A few months later Acuity NLP was born.

Likes: Making a difference, Sports, Arts, Travel & Questioning

Dislikes: Unchallenged assumptions, wasting food, pointless TV & Jodie Marsh

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