Chizuko Gomura

Experienced Japanese Teacher

My name is Chizuko Gomura, and I have been a language teacher and educator for over 20 years. I have teaching experience both in Japan and Australia from pre-school level to university, teaching Japanese, English and Indonesian. I am passionate about language and culture in education, and hope to inspire my colleagues and students to become confident teachers and learners. After migrating with my family to Australia in 1993, I now live in Brisbane, Queensland, with my Indonesian husband.

ACTLAN methodology was founded based on on my real life classroom experience; it is a tried and tested, innovative method of teaching language and culture. ACTLAN was introduced in 2008, and many teachers have found it easy and rewarding. I have so much more activities, tips and ideas that I want to share with fellow teachers. I would also love to discuss teaching issues and mentor ACTLAN teachers on this online platform. Thanks to the internet, distance is no problem – we are all connected. Let’s create positive and exciting classrooms together!

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