The Learning Lab @ Open Door Ed The Learning Lab @ Open Door Education

Teaching, Tech, & Neuroscience - Fused to Help You Succeed

The Learning Lab is the e-classroom of Open Door Education, a firm specializing in creating adaptive content that responds to the brain strengths and learning styles of the student. Open Door seeks to provide high-quality educational access, adaptation, and assessment to all students.

Together, our dynamic four-person team has over 45 years of experience and advanced degrees in the following areas:

-online, virtual, e-learning for traditional-age college students all the way up to adults in their 70s and 80s brand new to online learning;

-traditional bricks and mortar teaching, as well as learning therapies for those with learning challenges;

-neuroeducation specialization, for people with serious physical damage who want to succeed;

-technology start-up experience, and decades of work in showing customers/students/clients how to quickly master technology to make their lives easier;

-local, federal, and state government work, which helps us understand the regulations and realities in which education, business, and NGOs today operate;

-clinical and behavioral psychology work and study, which informs how we convey information and break up our teaching.

After years of working through intermediaries, we decided to connect direct with the students - with you! - and share what we have learned the hard way. We hope you enjoy it!

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