Abigail Rice

Actress and Writer

Abigail Rice is a professional actress working in theater, TV and film. She works extensively with the Prague Shakespeare Company, bringing the magnificent words and worlds of Shakespeare to the beautiful city of Prague and her native and non-native English-speaking audiences.

She expresses her creative writing skills in the penning of a web series that helps audiences learn English as they watch; the content gaining in language complexity as they progress through the story. The fact that she also plays one of the leads makes writing this comedy a fun yet self-depreciating challenge!

Having lent her voice to multiple books, commercials and infomercials, Abigail built her own audio story app, Stories Aloud. The app delivers children’s stories packed with sound effects and music designed to help kids soak up the English language along with its pronunciation and intonation – all while they cheer on heroes, chastise baddies and laugh along to tales of magic, mystery and wonder. 

She loves working with Lenka and Lucie on the Trypod courses and helping to make doing presentations in English much easier for non-native English speakers by sharing her experience and knowledge of performance and storytelling.

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