Teena Hughes

Silk Artist, Textile Designer

Teena Hughes dipped her paintbrush into the first bottle of silk dye and gently applied it to the piece of silk stretched before her. As Teena watched the colours slowly inch and slide across the silk fabric, to blend and merge and swirl and explode ... she fell in love -- with silk - with being able to paint and design on silk (and now other textiles). She heaved a huge sigh of relief and thought, "Ahhhhh ... so THIS is what I've been searching for all my life!" Teena felt bliss, joy and much happiness!

Many years later, after having travelled the world and lived in several countries, silk artist/textile designer Teena Hughes has a unique cross-cultural perspective on the uses of colour, design and fabric. Teena learnt how to paint on silk in the early 1980s in Paris, France and has been self-taught ever since, travelling the world, teaching others, constantly experimenting and creating new techniques and styles of silk painting. Teena's work has been exhibited in Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and is held in international collections. Her wildly vibrant Wearable Art and Interior Design Collections showcase her versatile styles of textile design and the unusual clothing and interior design pieces which have an international clientele and following.

Teena has lectured and presented workshops on silk painting and textile design in Australia, USA and in France, and hosts a series of Silk Adventure Workshops in Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu. The Adventures are one-day, two-day and one week long. Included in the week-long Silk Adventures is airport transfers, hotel accommodation, Welcome & Farewell dinners and much, much more. Details can be found on http://How-to-Paint-on-Silk.com - Teena would love to meet you in person and share her love of silk painting with you one day soon!

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