Hi everyone! This is Abdo Riani

My startup journey began almost 8 years ago when I learned how a few lines of code can make such a big impact in people’s lives.

I founded and self-funded my first startup at 20. It was a platform that rewarded users for their eco-friendly actions. It went from just an idea to a scalable and profitable startup in a little over a year and a half. With no technical skills or prior startup experience, the journey was extra bumpy.

Ever since then, I initiated and was involved in the launch of over 50 startups.  Currently, I am the founder of AspireIT, MVSOT and Upify, an agency and two startups that provide passionate entrepreneurs with all the necessary resources to turn ideas into valuable and viable startups.

With my Udemy class, I have set one goal: remove the friction out of validating ideas.

I’m frequently approached for startup advice and the first thing I usually hear is, I need to validate my idea fast so let’s build an MVP. Yes, an MVP will help you validate/iterate/pivot fast but have you thought about it this way?

I will use my first venture as a case study to show you how entrepreneurs can get an extra layer of quantitative validation with just an idea and before building a web/mobile application. I learned the hard way the first time but thereafter, the approach I will expose you to in the course saved me years in product development time and money. It has also made a major impact in the ventures of those I guide/mentor.

I look forward to meeting you in the course. Feel free to learn more about me and ask me any questions at my personal website.

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