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Abdón Jose Romero Diaz was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1956. He was interested in drawing and painting since a very early age. He actually started painting with watercolors and drawing in ink at six years of age. When he was eleven years old, he attended the Julio Arraga School of the Fine Arts, but dropped out before the year was over, repulsed by its “avant-garde” methods of painting that were fashionable at that time.

He sadly realized in time that no institution of learning had an efficient method of teaching the fine arts. There was no public or private school or university whose instructors had a good command of the skills and knowledge that are needed in order to inculcate the disciplines of drawing and painting.

As in Europe, there were a few places where one could gain access to the techniques of the past, and realism was somewhat being taught, but at a really basic level, almost rudimentary.

At that time many young people, having no other choice, succumbed to the methods and ideas of the 20th century, that were totally alien to formal education in the fine arts. Having become acquainted with this state of the matter, Abdón Romero began to teach himself, gathering information wherever he could find it, from old books, from the painters of the past, from manuscript texts on the subject; those were like small pieces in the great mosaic of the ancient profession of the painter, that had been destroyed and covered over by a succession of generations that preferred indolence, easy shortcuts, and arrogant ignorance.

Abdón J. Romero is a Professional and internationally recognized realist figurative artist whose style recalls late 19th century realism and the legacy of such great artists as Velázquez, Rembrandt, Zorn, Sorolla, Boldini, John Singer Sargent and Arturo Michelena, but with a contemporary point of view. He has taught portrait painting, figure drawing and artistic anatomy for over twenty years, in levels such as, College, University, Private Art schools and in his own studio.

Among his notable commissions, highlight his monumental public Mural commission “The Salvation History”, an outstanding 5,500 square feet Oil/linen, Maracaibo Venezuela, where his vitality and craftsmanship make him worthy of a distinguished place in the Latin American art world and his Oil Mural painting at Saint John Bosch Church, Miami, USA.

He has been commissioned to paint portraits of prominent figures in public, professional and business life, such as Pope John Paul II, Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, Andres Gallarraga, and Reny Ottolina.

He is an Official member of American Society of Portrait Artist, Official member of The Portrait Institute, New York, member of Portrait Society of America; Recognition as Knight Commander of the Venerable Order of Michael the Archangel from the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum, Miami, USA. He is currently living and working in Miami, USA, with his wife and daughter.

Since moving here over a decade ago he has concentrated in the fine art instruction field and pursuing a career as an artist. His teaching and working experience includes the Romero-Hidalgo Artists’ Studios, where he has become a mainstay as a Master of painting and drawing .

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