Abdelmadjid Cherfaoui

Programmer,White Hat Hacker

I'm so happy for your interesting about knowing more about me!

In the last couple 5 years,I spend thousand hours learning computer science parallel with my university studies on Economic Collage,ended with two certificates first one on Finance and Banks and the second on Banks and Insurance.

My main interesting is about Programming:programming desktop application and security tools by python programming language,Linux Server Administration:he had a very good experience on Debian Linux Server setting,administration and securing.Information Security is the main interest:he is a white hat hacker,and he is working a free lancer as penetration tester.

Three years ago,I start teaching computer science to my friends and through my websites this step help me a lot on my development career and I developed some of penetration testing tools and help some of other developers.

I have a very special way to explain computer science with witness of a lot of

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