Mrs. Abbie Siegmann

C.Ht., NLP

I am Abbie Siegmann a certified hypnotherapist, handwriting analyst, and NLP Practitioner. I am a graduate of Americas first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, HMI of California. Through the American Hypnosis Association I have obtained a certificate in hypnosis for labor and child birth. I provide personal assistance in therapy, eliminating the fear that blocks your inner bliss. Through a subconscious state of hypnosis you can reach your full potential and take the action towards what you desire. Throughout the years I have perfected these techniques, and conjure feelings of gratitude and respect for my calling . It gives me great satisfaction connecting with my clients and knowing that every session increases options. Let yourself break away from the barriers of a critical mindset you may currently be inhibiting. All sessions are strictly confidential. What would happen if you could take back your personal freedom?

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