Harry Wilmington

Relationship Observationalist

"Hey Harry, my friend turned me on to your site and I've been hooked ever since. Your podcast speaks to me and I've learned what I've been doing wrong...everything! lol" - Jason, December 2014

"Your advice has made a huge difference to my life. What is particularly great is that you give the advice without being mean-spirited or disrespectful towards women. It really seems as though it comes from you just understanding a woman’s mindset." - Subodh, December 2014

"I'm damn near [in] tears right now. I discovered your podcast on itunes and I am listening right now and feel compelled to just say Thank You So F---ing Much For Telling It Like It Is! What I NEED to hear! You keep it so real and you talk like so straight up that it really hits home. You're like an older brother to me!" - Ali, October 2014

About me? I'm just a guy who was terrible with women for a long time (a loooong time), got good at it - then GREAT at it - and has now made it my life's mission to help other men out there avoid the pitfalls I did when I started dating.

My website and my 3-times-a-week podcast show (The Stop Losing Women Podcast) give men advice on all aspects of dating, such as: action-oriented steps you can take to better their first impression; ways to help you build up your self-confidence so you're less awkward around women; the various psychological reasons behind why certain techniques can either attract or repel women; and lots more!

So, if you're ready to transform your dating life in an AMAZING, LIFE-ALTERING way, check out my courses here on Udemy and the info on my website - thanks, and you're welcome in advance :)