"Hey Harry, my friend turned me on to your site and I've been hooked ever since. Your podcast speaks to me and I've learned what I've been doing wrong...everything! lol" - Jason, December 2014

"Your advice has made a huge difference to my life. What is particularly great is that you give the advice without being mean-spirited or disrespectful towards women. It really seems as though it comes from you just understanding a woman’s mindset." - Subodh, December 2014

"I'm damn near [in] tears right now. I discovered your podcast on itunes and I am listening right now and feel compelled to just say Thank You So F---ing Much For Telling It Like It Is! What I NEED to hear! You keep it so real and you talk like so straight up that it really hits home. You're like an older brother to me!" - Ali, October 2014

About me? I'm just a guy who was terrible with women for a long time (a loooong time), got good at it - then GREAT at it - and has now made it my life's mission to help other men out there avoid the pitfalls I did when I started dating.

My website and my 3-times-a-week podcast show (The Stop Losing Women Podcast) give men advice on all aspects of dating, such as: action-oriented steps you can take to better their first impression; ways to help you build up your self-confidence so you're less awkward around women; the various psychological reasons behind why certain techniques can either attract or repel women; and lots more!

So, if you're ready to transform your dating life in an AMAZING, LIFE-ALTERING way, check out my courses here on Udemy and the info on my website - thanks, and you're welcome in advance :)

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