Aaron Rutten

Artist & Corel Painter Master

I'm a Seattle based artist and educator with over 10 years of experience working as a professional artist. I have exhibited and sold artwork in countries all around the world, and I specialize in digital painting with Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, including landscape painting, still-life, impressionism, surrealism, cartooning and abstract art.

As an educator, I share my illustration techniques as video tutorials on my YouTube channel that has over 37,000 subscribers and nearly 6.5 Million views. My channel features over 700 video tutorials that teach nearly every aspect of digital painting with software such as Corel Painter, Photoshop, ArtRage and Adobe Illustrator. I also work with sponsors like Wacom to review their tablets and products for digital painting. In my studio, I use a Wacom Cintiq 24HD and I paint outdoors on a Wacom Cintiq Companion.

I have been teaching art lessons for over 5 years, and provide both in-person lessons and online lessons. Students have traveled from as far away as Qatar to study in person with me.

I have been using Corel Painter for over 10 years. As a Corel Painter Master Elite, Beta Tester and member of the Corel Painter Advisory Council, I provide recommendations for improvements to the software. I am fully endorsed by Corel and I have an in-depth understanding of how to use the Corel Painter software.