Aaron Larsen

Grateful Grandson, Online Publisher, Marketer & Instructor

"I help others cultivate meaningful relationships and grow rich legacies with their loved ones."

Aaron Larsen is the owner of Swiftrock LLC, an online digital marketing and publishing company, and creator of GrandparentsAcademy [DOT] com, the only online education academy dedicated exclusively to helping grandparents live grand lives and grow rich legacies with their loved ones. Both were started in the homes of two different sets of grandparents, with whom he lived for four years after graduating Magna Cum Laude and "Magna Cum Jobless" from a private college on the eve of The Great Recession in 2008. Now, Aaron makes a living as a digital marketing consultant and workshop leader for clients ranging from local small businesses and community colleges to larger international companies. Aaron attributes much of his personal and professional success to the valuable lessons he learned outside of the classroom, while living with his grandparents. As a way of saying "thank you", Aaron created GrandparentsAcademy [DOT] com, which beyond serving as an expression of gratitude towards his own grandparents, now serves thousands of other grandparents worldwide.

Aaron's unique perspective and understanding of grandparenting is reinventing the way modern grandparents engage in lifelong learning and create the legacy their grandchildren will cherish long after they're gone. His dedication to enriching the lives of grandparents, and the grandchildren who look up to them has lead to his being known as, "The Grateful Grandson", and world's leading expert on Grandparent enrichment. Aaron is a shining example of why grandparents today are needed more than ever in the lives of their grandchildren.

*Technology and Business Instructor at the UCC Small Business Development Center

I teach small business owners and operators how to use social media (i.e. - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

*Technology and Personal Development Instructor at UCC Community Education

I teach a variety of courses and lead workshops for individuals of all ages. Topics range from Facebook Safety to "Legacy Gardening" (how to grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with your loved ones).