Aaron Estrada

VFX Supervisor 20+ Years Experience

Aaron has over 20 years experience in the VFX and animation industry. He started his CG career in video games working on titles for the innovative yet ill fated 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system. While in his 20's, he co-founded and helped manage the computer graphics group at Dreamworks TV Animation where the group pioneered the use of desktop computers for the production of broadcast quality animation. The efficient work-flows he helped develop allowed a modest team averaging 4 artists to produce 60 minutes of computer animation in less than a year.

Aaron's professional resume also includes work as a lead in the computer graphics groups of Sony Development and Nickelodeon and work as a senior level artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rising Sun Pictures, Dreamworks Feature Animation and Rhythm & Hues | BoX. His filmography includes: Ironman 3, The Amazing Spiderman, Kungfu Panda, Men in Black 3, The Green Lantern, Over the Hedge, Flushed Away, Bee Movie, Shark Tale, G-Force, Cats and Dogs 2, Zookeeper, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and numerous location based films, commercials and TV programs including the Emmy Award winning Earth2 pilot. Aaron has over 2 years executive experience from his stint as CTO at Pivot VFX, where he also served as a VFX and CG supervisor. His area of specialty is Lighting Rendering and Compositing.

One of Aaron's passionate hobbies is HDR panorama photography.