Meet The Freemans

Authors, Speakers, Social Entrepreneurs

Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman are authors (The New Power Couple), speakers, investors and social entrepreneurs.

They have been featured in Forbes, Prevention, Dating Advice and host the New Power Couple Podcast, named the #1 relationship podcast in 2016. 

Their mission is to live a life of service and act as ambassadors for partnership and people thriving physically, financially and spiritually.

But it wasn’t always this way-- just a few short years ago they both confess to feeling “stuck and uninspired in life.” Jocelyn and Aaron had been successful as a nurse and engineer, respectively, but felt an inner pull to “something bigger” and began a journey to discover their “why.” 

While on that path, they found themselves in learning experiences that elevated their consciousness. One that Jocelyn often shares came from unexpectedly falling down a flight of stairs and find that four vertebrae in her back had broken. Without knowing what her long term prognosis would be, she discovered more about herself at a deeper level while recovering. She says, “we aren’t our job titles, we aren’t limited by how we look, or what we can do.” She now invites people into learning more about who they are at the core of their being.

Aaron’s personal discovery journey has included removing barriers about having to show up and “be a man” by following the social standard. He’s been leading the way in his community to break up illusions about how men can’t be authentic and vulnerable. He is ordained through their non-profit and has retired from being an engineer.

They’ve partnered up in life and in business-ultimately to empower partnerships discovering another level of inspiration and abundance.

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