Mr Aaron Frankel

I introduces consumers to their new favorite brands

Aaron Frankel introduces consumers to their new favorite brands, (which is markety way of telling you he’s a marketing consultant).

His clients have included:

  • a few multi-time New York Times bestselling authors including Neil Strauss
  • a materials handling dynasty
  • a few TV and film personalities
  • and a couple of big data companies

In 2009, Aaron became enamored with the art and science of podcasting, and it’s implications for content marketing. In 2010 he launched his first podcast, In The Rabbit Hole.

Since it’s inception, the show has been featured by Apple in iTunes, now includes a vibrant community, has self-sustaining revenue streams, and is now downloaded approximately 50,000 times a month.

Since launching In The Rabbit Hole, he has gone on to help several brands launch their podcasts and even achieve iTunes New and Noteworthy status.

Now he’s teamed up with his good friend to teach people to break past their mental barriers and build a show that lasts.

Aaron’s favorite words are Shenanagins and Rapscallion. He also has an unhealthy obsession with mid-century modern furniture and bulleted lists.

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