Scott Williams

I am a self-employed owner of a school teaching English and Math.  I have three master’s degrees and extensive experience in Education, Apologetic, Technology and Theology.   I have masters degrees in Education, and 2 in theology.  I have taught for many years at the private school, private prep school and in my own school.  I have taught  at my own school for a number of years.  

I taught at Dongshin University Naju, South Korea where I taught a variety of English classes for the Stewardess Department.  Helped with the interviewing process.  Taught graduate classes as needed.  I taught at Riverside School Prague Czech Republic where I taught Computer Science to Middle through High School students, and Worked on the Computer systems as required. I taught at New Hampton School as the technology Department Head and Technology Teacher.  My responsibilities included being head of the department, being on the Web Page committee for the school, Mountain Biking coach in the fall and the Skiing coach in the winter along with teaching the entire spectrum of technology classes including programming, web page design, and computer literacy and typing.  i taught at the British International School of Prague
as the Technology Department Head and Teacher.  Iwas in charge of the computer department for the British International School in Prague. I was in charge of the technical staff as well as teaching all grade levels from Junior to Senior High teaching technology and some Business classes.  I taught at t Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia as Professor of Computer Science and System Manager . I was in charge of the computer system for the Computer Science department at Hampton University.   I also taught courses in General Computing, Networking (Graduate level course), Operating Systems (Graduate level course), and C++.  i worked for Canadian Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic as Systems Administrator.  I was in charge of a UNIX Network including Troubleshooting, Teaching, Buying and all phases of network upkeep.   This network was then updated to a Windows NT network,
which I was also in charge of.  I am also in charge of the Octel  phone system and all Internet connections.  I also helped setup a new office in Bratislava, Slovakia including hiring,  site setup and technical setup.  i worked for Scala Czech Republic as Programmer, Worked on the structure of the programs in Scala and wrote new programs as necessary.  Wrote many programs for bank transfers  to and from the bank through the Scala system.  Was in charge of all software in the company, Internet connections, and was in charge of the Novell Network.

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