md anisur rahman

MLM master, Drop shipping guru and online teacher.

I love learning new skills, and since 2014 i have been teaching people like you everything I know. Through my online drop shipping course you will get secret learning tools which boost your business , I create courses that teach you how to become the better version of yourself with all kinds of skills.

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If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. You have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like it. And I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to date and the best that they can be. Check them out, and enroll today!


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, reading book, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife and friends.

In 2014, I graduated with my at Angelia Ruskin University - one of the top best University in the United Kingdom. After finished my graduation i was working approximately 60 hours a week. then i told myself stop!!!!!! you making your boss millionaire while you don't have any stable life. if you don't go work today your boss never pay you!!!! so i decided i will work but less. i need to do something that i can profit while i sleeping then i found Drop Shipping. i worked every one hour after 6 months we made our first online company. long story short drop shipping changed my life dramatically. now 6 people working with all happened due to drop shipping. you can quite your job one day and be your own boss.

However, this is your opportunity. Opportunity never come twice, it comes once in your life. So make it shake it and get a beautiful freedom life. 

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